Once upon a time...

Not so long ago, my childhood friends, while riding in the French countryside, would share their horseback with me. This was so much fun for an excitable little girl that in my enthusiasm I could hardly stay on my saddle. No matter, on some occasions I would be allowed to go out with my Godmother and enjoy riding in an elegant two horses carriage.


As I moved from Paris to London, my love and passion for everything equestrian ensued, and the interest of finding a similar pass-time in the U.K. took me to another sort of riding, the sport of the kings…POLO

Ham Polo Club, the last club in Richmond, opened their arms, showing me their great family spirit. Imagine my happiness in putting my hands once again on the soft ears and glossy coats of such stunning ponies; feeling part of a family, without the need of being on the saddle!


Moreover, when I was living in Paris every summer we organised “White Picnic” on the Champs de Mars, at the Eiffel Tower. It was a great opportunity to socialize and relax on the gorgeous Parisian field. As you know, London is full of magnificent parks and private squares, and one of the best places to organise a picnic or a Get together.


From that point I invited my guests to HPC, a pretty nice atmosphere in the heart of Richmond, and launched my favourite French-chic style and smart “Champagne Hamper in White”. My sparkling guests, all the enthusiasm from all my friends and polo supporters on and off the field were always looking after pictures; my keenness and ardour in the photographing of polo lovers, players, and spectators starting at this time.


As I went on a few times at Guards Polo Club in Windsor, the best polo club in Europe, which organises world-class tournaments, I had great opportunities to shoot Photos of our British Monarchy and celebrities.


Finally, arranging my photographs into my albums on Social Media and creating a visual journal of my everyday passion for polo and pictures, Editorial Columns came to me in order to publish my work online and working with specialized magazines.


Such offer pushes me to a level of a Professional, and to perfect my vocation and improve my work, I took the decision to go for Photography courses in London. At the end of my school years, such qualification BETC validated my position in the much closed and exclusive world of POLO.



And at last my love of horses and photography continues


Not the end!